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The cases of fake and forgery in traditional
miniature paintings when presented as antiques

This is an unpleasant subject to write about, but the prevailing situation s forcing me to write this note in this important web site.
Art is not only an expression of creativity, it is a merchandise too. That means a piece of art has certain definite value in terms of money. When an art work is an antique piece, or made by a famous artist, that art work becomes much more valuable in terms of money.
When any artist is working in any traditional method with skill and has good grasp on the technical aspect of that traditional form, that artist has the expertise to use his skill for creating fakes, and many times some artists with expertise to reproduce traditional art have misused their skill in most unscrupulous manner.
Greed for more money has prompted them to produce fakes and forgeries in clever manner. By the use of old paper or artificially "aged paper" and traditional colours careful copies of old original masterpieces have been made and passed off as originals.
Even reputed art auction companies in the international art market may have put up unwittingly fake "antique" pieces as original "antique" art works several times for sale. Even catalogues for the art auctions published by those reputed art auction houses may have unwittingly carried pictures of fakes as originals and have put huge prices on those fakes.
Many unknowing art collectors have been fooled into buying forgeries as original art works. A lot of work that circulates the market of antique traditional miniature painting are fakes.
A balance between art and ethics has to be maintained by the artists, as greed for more money may lead them to the shady world of fake antiques.
Some times, one wonders how many of the art-works displayed in reputed art galleries and museums as original antiques are real and how many of them are sheer fakes, displayed knowingly or unknowingly.

Prabal Pramanik
(from the published book "My views on Pahari paintings")
ISBN No. 978-93-81200-03-2

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Prabal Pramanik


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ISBN No. 978-93-81200-03-2


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